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Hair Extension Technology

Overviews of the various hair extension technologies that are currently available at hair salons.

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Clip in Bangs

You literally can do just about anything to your hair these days. Length? No problem. Volume? Duh! Bangs? Three snaps and you are out the door!The technology…

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a take on the now classic wefted hair extension. Clips are sewn onto the wefted hair which allows them to be quickly attached…

Feather Hair Extensions

Article by Christopher BoxFeather hair extensions? Really? I have to admit I thought they were a pretty lame idea when I first heard about them. I have…

Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair

Heat resistant synthetic fiber is a relatively new development on the market. The race to create the perfect and most human like fiber has lead to many…

Human Hair

100% human hair.All major hair extension brands worth their salt announce that their product is made of 100% human hair. Why not just, human hair? Is…

Remy Hair

A common misconception about remy hair is that it is the “best”.  In most cases this can be true, however, there are times when non remy…

Seamless Hair Extensions

Another term used to describe tape in hair extensions is seamless hair extensions.Seamless hair extensions or tape in hair extension consists of a base…

Strand by Strand

Strand by strand or fusion hair extensions is the process of attaching 25-30 individual strands of hair using a variety of bonding agents. A full length…

Synthetic Hair

Article By Jennifer PompaSynthetic hair is exactly what the name says: a form of hair that is simulated to be made to look like human hair. Synthetic…

Tape in Hair Extensions

A tape in hair extension consists of a base that has some sort of medical grade adhesive tape used to attach the extensions to the hair. The base can…

Wefted Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions is primarily used to describe human or synthetic hair that has been attached to a base either using a sewing machine or a hand tying…


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