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Hair Extension Categories & Topics


Extension Guide is a quick way to browse to a hair extension topic page of interest. Each topic page contains the relevant videos, blogs, looks, products, listings and more.

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Hair Extensions 101

Check out some of the hottest hair extension topics trending on hair extension geek. You will find great links to reviews, tutorials, 101s, before and…

Best Hair Extension Brands

  Are you looking for the best hair extension brands on the market? We have compiled a list of the top 10 hair extension brands that are leaders…

Hair Extension Systems

This is a summary of the more popular hair extension systems including clip-ins, tape-in and full application hair extensions.

Hair Extension Technology

Overviews of the various hair extension technologies that are currently available at hair salons.

Celebrities with Extensions

Check out the latest trends in hair extensions for Hollywood Celebrities, the Music Industry, the Fashion Industry and other stars.

Wig Brands

This is our collection of the most popular Wig and Hairpiece brands.

Styling Product Brands

Good hair needs good product - this is our review of the best hair styling product lines and brands for hair extensions.

Popular Hairstyles

Overviews of the various hairstyles and hair extension stylings that are currently popular at hair salons.

Hair Stylists and Industry Experts

Check out some of these top notch hair extension stylists and experts in the hair industry.


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