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Hair Extension Blogs

Check out our Blogs and Articles for great up-to-date info on Hair Extensions. You'll find Brand Review Articles, Pros and Cons, Before and After Shots, Hair Maintenance Tutorials, Hair Care Tips and much more. Check out hair extension costs and what type to get.

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How to Skip Washing Your Hair Like A Pro by Sydney Hudson
March 1, 2016

Deep down we’re all lazy girls at heart.  Some days we give ourselves enough time to shower and blow dry our hair, while others we run out…

The Balmain and H&M Collaboration by Christopher Box
January 8, 2016

I have used Balmain Hair Extensions in my salon for almost eight years now. My favorite thing about Balmain Hair Extensions is that they are truly a one…

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano - A Review by Christopher Box
December 10, 2015

Fusion extensions. You either love it or hate it. The truth is that there is lots to love about fusion extensions and there is lots to hate. Durability…

Hair Extensions for the Holidays by Christopher Box
December 10, 2015

If I could pick the perfect time to get hair extensions - December would be it.  From weekly holiday parties to work social gatherings, it’…

Tape in Hair Extensions | Are you Removing Them Correctly? by Christopher Box
December 3, 2015

Tape in hair extensions have become a popular method for clients, stylists, celebrities, you name it. Although there are many brands that offer tape in…

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Hair Oil by Christopher Box
November 10, 2015

Moroccan oil hit the scene about seven years ago, and it struck the market like wildfire.  While I was travelling the hair show circuit with easihair…

What Men REALLY Think About Hair Extensions by Christopher Box
November 10, 2015

For many women, hair extensions can be used as a confidence-enhancing tool, especially if they have thin, fine hair.  Here at HEG, we believe that…

5 Amazing Tips for Making Your Blow Dry Last For Days by Christopher Box
November 10, 2015

We all love the feeling of leaving the salon with gorgeous, bouncy hair.  However, for most of us, this feeling doesn't last for long.  …

How to Apply Clip in Extensions | Tutorial by Bree Cahey
July 30, 2015

Unless you’ve worn clip in extensions before, you may not know how to properly apply your new set.  Luxy Hair shows you step by step, how to…

What's The Deal with Remy Hair? by Bree Cahey
July 15, 2015

Remy hair is a term used all over the hair extension industry.  But do you know what it really means?  In a nutshell, Remy hair refers to the…

Hair Extension Methods | Visual Guide by Bree Cahey
June 5, 2015

Hair extensions are used for many different reasons, including length, volume, add color, fix a bad haircut, etc.  However, choosing the hair extension…

4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Great in Summer by Kaity Ford
June 12, 2014

It’s summer; it’s hot; and we have many things to do. Don’t let your luscious locks be yet another worry. Just because the temperature…

You Can't Have Long Hair After 40 by Christopher Box
June 7, 2014

Once upon a time, in a land called the 1960's there lived a hateful lady (pictured right below - I see her as Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched) …

Extreme Hair Color Makeover - Kitchen Edition by Christopher Box
May 23, 2014

We have all been there done that when it comes to bad hair color experiences. As a stylist I have seen just about everything. Many people just don'…

Long Sexy Hair Extension Inspiration Summer 2014 by Christopher Box
May 23, 2014

We are OBSESSED!! Long sexy hair with a little bit of bright notes on the ends are super sexy summer hair. Get inspired with these delicious styles. Ombre…

Hair Extensions Before and After | The S'Ombre by Sonia Isaguirre
May 23, 2014

Extensions are my life. My life: hair extensions! I am a hair extension specialist at The Beauty Box Salon in Dallas TX. I am addicted to beautiful hair…

Daydreaming of hair extensions? We are too! by Christopher Box
May 20, 2014

I got the chance to work on this video with an amazing New York fashion photographer - Anthony Friend. Our idea was to create a video that showcased the…

Hair Addictionz: One brand; unlimited possibilities by Kaity Ford
April 16, 2014

Today, hair extensions are used in a variety of ways and anyone can wear them. Whether the client has short or long hair, thin or thick hair; or needs…

Smell something burning? It's probably your hair. by Michelle Huynh
April 4, 2014

As a Dallas hair extension expert, I see lots of women in my chair with mysterious damage to their hair. Somehow their hair just keeps breaking off. As…

9 Tips on How to Take Care of Tape Extensions by Christopher Box
March 14, 2014

If you haven’t heard of tape in hair extensions, you might just be missing out on a fantastic hair extension system. They happen to be one of my…

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