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The Cost of Extensions Part 1 | How and Why Salons Charge

The Cost of Extensions Part 1 | How and Why Salons Charge

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The Cost of Extensions Part 1 | How and Why Salons Charge

Written by Christopher Box
Published on May 31, 2011

How much do hair extensions cost

The most popular question we get in the salon is: What is the cost of extensions and how much are extensions? There are several things that go into the final cost of any hair extensions.

You will have two basic charges: The application cost and the upkeep cost.

The application cost consists the following:
1. Cost of hair
2. Cost of application
3. Cutting/Styling
4. Products to maintain the hair

The cost of extensions upkeep can vary depending upon the hair extension method and brand. Upkeep can be as little as $100 all the way up to half of the original service. Some hair extensions may need to be maintained every four weeks while others can be from 6-8 weeks. Ask about these costs up front before an application. A less expensive application for extensions may end up costing you more in upkeep charges.

The brand of hair extensions also determines part of that overall cost of extensions This can be misleading as some brands are very expensive due to the power of the marketing machine behind their name. Great Lengths and Hairdreams are two examples. They know that consumers will automatically think they are bigger and better based on the fact that they have to pay more for them. They do offer great hair, but some would argue that they are overpriced.

Two of my favorite brands, Klix Hair Extensions and easilengths by easihair pro offer a great application method. They are moderately priced as far as hair extensions go, but they are two of the best out there in terms of overall quality.

A general rule to keep in mind: Just because it is expensive does not mean it is the best. However, there is just no getting around that good human hair is not cheap. Quality human hair will start around $250.00 for just the cost of hair. Anything less than this is probably going to give you nothing but trouble in the end. Beware of $50 hair. It is bad news!

Be cautious of stylists that drop the words virgin European hair. This type of extension is very rare, hard to get, and if available extremely expensive.

The cost of the salon visit will vary depending upon how much is charged for the application of the extensions. Some stylists charge a great deal for their time and others don’t. You should check around to see what the going rate is in your location. A good extension salon will have a menu with application pricing and upkeep charges. No one likes surprises.

If you are dealing with a true professional, you will get a care regimen when you leave. Most reputable extension manufacturers offer a limited warranty that require specific care. At my salon, we guarantee the quality of the hair and the actual application as long as proper care is maintained.

So, what is the cost of extensions? The answer: It just depends! I know, I know, a terrible answer! Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging.. I own a salon that specializes in hair extensions and for the most part we believe in providing upfront pricing.

Here is a link to what the cost of extensions is at my salon, The Beauty Box in Dallas, TX. It will give you a ballpark figure of what to expect.

Take your time and ask lots of questions. Good things tend to cost a bit more. A bit of research can save a lot of headache in the future.

The Cost of Extensions - Part 2: Three Salons Tell Just How Much They Charge

The Cost of Extensions - Part 3: More Salons Reveal Pricing

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- "Cost is a very important thing to look at when buying hair extensions. Companies also fool you. "Wow hair extensions for 40 bucks? I'm in!" And your package gets in the mail and you realize you only bought enough for 1/8th of your head. That's why I like Just Real Hair, they're straight forward, they give you recommended amounts of hair. And they're very quick to answer emails and phone calls!The costly thing about extensions though is application. Salons and stylists up the price quite a bit. But if your buy hand colored or virgin hair, Just Real Hair can do your application for $300! Although they're only in San Diego. "

posted by Brittany on August 25, 2014

- "Wow... So finally what's the answer?????? I lost time reading this but I still did not understud how much is the total!!!Please can you be like this 1+1=2Eg. 250 $ for the hair 250$ for the workTotal 500$ This is an eg answerThank you"

posted by Lena on August 29, 2012

- "You've said almost nothing about actual costs, and so you never truly answered the original question of this post. Give is a breakdown in a big table, like Consumer Reports magazine would do it for a appliances, or cars, etc."

posted by Adam Friedman on January 17, 2012

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