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Celebrity Hair Secrets: Hair Extensions

Celebrity Hair Secrets: Hair Extensions

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Celebrity Hair Secrets: Hair Extensions

Written by Christopher Box
Published on December 12, 2012

Ever wonder how Jessica Alba transformed her look from the girl next door to that of a Hollywood starlet, or how Kim Kardashian is able to maintain such long, full of volume locks?

Well, no, it’s not all because of their genetics. Yes, celebrites wear hair extensions! Being under a magnifying glass all the time, celebrities need to maintain and at times enhance their overall gorgeous looks.

Hair extensions are widely used by several celebrities to enhance their features, and no, they don’t talk about this secret much. The amazingly complex hairdos, beautiful bangs and the full and voluminous hair styles for different red carpet events are made possible using different types of hair extensions.

From permanents to clip in hair extensions, stylists try different methods to add that extra appeal to create an overall gorgeous and mesmerizing appearance. Some celebrities even pay their hair stylists up to $75,000 per year just to get their hair done right.

Hair extensions can cost a lot, especially if they are long and made up of human hair. The lengthier they are, the more they cost. Additionally, the more hair you want to add in, the more you have to pay. The combination of volume and length increases the overall amount several times.

Several stylists prefer permanent hair extensions like easilengths tape hair extensions as they are easier to apply and take less time when compared with other extensions such as keratin bonded ones, which take hours to get an entire head to be done.

The everyday girl can also achieve this absolutely gorgeous celebrity hair extension look. Clip in hair extensions can be affordable and they also last for several years if you don’t change your hair color.

You don’t want to compromise on quality. Cheap is never a good thing. It is the age old wisdom of it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The best advice is to stick to the best hair extension brands known for quality and value.

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