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The Cost of Extensions Part 2 | Three Salons Tell Just How Much They Charge

The Cost of Extensions Part 2 | Three Salons Tell Just How Much They Charge

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The Cost of Extensions Part 2 | Three Salons Tell Just How Much They Charge

Written by DR Hanson
Published on September 5, 2012

Did you know that Hair Extension Geek has a Hair Extension Salon Directory? From Glasgow to Georgia HEG is here to point you in the right direction.

In fact, we’re taking it one step further and reaching out to a few of the salons listed in our directory to pick their brain…all in the name of hair science and all for you, our trustee viewers and clickers.

We randomly picked 5 salons representing all corners of the US of A so enjoy these brief introductions of salons from sea to shining sea!

San Diego, CA
Sweet Salon

I called Sweet Salon and was greeted by a young woman and quick a “Sweet Salon” salutation. I learned that they provide tape in extensions called “Skin Weft Extensions”. I asked if that was the system of extensions or the brand name and she was unable to answer right away. After checking her files and asking a co-worker she confirmed that was the brand…still on the fence about that one. Kudos for getting the info though, customer service may be strong with this salon.

I asked for a ballpark figure on what extensions would cost at Sweet Salon and she said the hair usually costs anywhere from $250-$500 and the application is $100/hr and it roughly takes about 2 hours. Again, this is a ballpark figure and quotes can and usually differ from the actual price.

I did a little more digging on Sweet Salon and found them to be a favorite on Yelp! with a rating of 4.5 and 44 reviews. Their website is really cute and you can book online! Always a plus in this day and age.

If you’re in San Diego definitely give Sweet Salon a ring!

New York City, NY
Cutler Salon

I was placed on a short hold when I called Cutler Salon and asked about the cost of extensions. Not too bad considering Cutler is one of those extravagant New York City salons. They only provide Great Lengths extensions and the woman I spoke with would not give me a quote. When I asked again what the cost of extensions were, “like from $200 to-” she said they were definitely more then $200.

So there you go NYC! Cutler Salons does extensions that cost more then $200! But their consultations are complimentary which is a foreign word in New York City so score one for the fancy pants.

Cutler Salon has a 4 on Yelp! with over 85 reviews on their 3 Manhattan locations. Their website is very elegant but seems to focus more on the Cutler Brand then the actual salon. No online booking.

Houston, TX
Extensions by Wendy

To the South I went to see if everything is truly bigger in Texas. I was greeted with a “Hello” when I called Extensions by Wendy. Determining that I was, in fact, speaking with Wendy was my first priority.

I jumped right in: What is the cost of extensions at your salon?

Wendy informed me that she provides a “Fusion Hair Extensions” method and uses a bonding method called “soft bonding” exclusive to West Coast Hair.

Wendy was kind enough to give me a ballpark figure with the cost of hair extension by letting me in on how much they hair cost and how much the labor cost. 

Roughly $400 for real human hair and the application running at about $500/$600. Again, each client is different and more detailed info about the extensions and pricing can be gathered during the consultation. Wendy charges $25 for consultations and does travel to many of her clients (fees applied of course) but this is a dying art and shows that Wendy truly does care and want to make women feel beautiful.

Extensions by Wendy is on Yelp! though there are currently no reviews. If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Wendy and her soft bond strand by strand throw a few kind words her way. Yelp! is very important to business’.

The website is a bit dated though it does provide a lot of solid information. No online booking.

I tried to end my digital hair extension road trip by reaching out to Elena’s Hair Design in Bellevue, Washington and Extensions by Monica in Celebration, Florida but there was no answer. I guess the cost of hair extensions still is a bit taboo for most salons!

I guess we’ll have to settle for the West Coast, East Coast, and Mid Coast! If you’ve found a salon that specializes in hair extensions that you love, tell us who they are in the comments. We love learning about the fabulous people keeping women in wonderful weave worldwide!

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