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Revlon Triple Barrel Waving Iron


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Click here to get the Revlon RV084C 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver.

Product Specs:

3 jumbo barrels with ceramic creat extra-large, beautiful "S" waves

Ceramic technology provides high heat while protecting hair

60-second fast heat-up

25 heat settings

Plate locking switch for easy storage

3 jumbo barrels with ceramic create extra-large, beautiful "S" waves

Amazon Reviews:

S. Chaston: The waver definitely gets hot enough to wave my coarse and straight hair (hair that won't hold a curl) and the wave will stay in for most, if not all, of the day. I read complaints about not being able to set it down, but if you leave the waver open you can set it down on it's ceramic ends, like a tent. It's actually a pretty ingenius design.

I used to have a vidal sassoon waver but the Revlon Jumbo waver definitely gives you bigger waves. Personally I think that the bigger waves looks better. I also like the fact that it's made out of ceramic, rather than the metal wavers.

100% satisfied with mine.

N. Tangye: I had done a lot of research for a waver and kept coming back to this one. What made me order it was that it was a "jumbo" waver that promised to give larger waves and the fact that it was ceramic not metal like many of the others out there. The price was surprisingly low so I was skeptical but figured I'd try it out. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It really does make very large waves and they come out beautiful.

They even last until the next day if you spray it. It heats up fast and gets very hot. I will say that it is very cumbersome and heavy and if you have long or thick hair, it may be hard to do your own hair. Takes some practice. My hair is thinner and past my shoulders and it takes me about 10 minutes if I'm doing it for a quick change up from my normal straight style. I could spend more time and it would only look even better. I have gotten so many compliments from complete strangers about how nice my hair looks the day I wave it. I have tried it on my mom's hair and my sister's and unfortunately, it didn't work as well. So I do think results will vary depending on your hair type.


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