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About Us

The question of the hour is how am I qualified to be the head geek in charge of this site?

I am a well trained ninja assassin of hair extensions. You might feel more comfortable calling me an expert of guru. (I'm cool with hair extension ninja too) I have almost 15 years of experience in the hair industry as a stylist using hair extensions.

Here is the thing, I have done everything you can do wrong with hair extensions. I made many mistakes in the beginning. Let's face it, hair extensions as a service have only come into its own within the last 8-10 years.

I did not have the support or knowledge to provide the excellent hair extension service my clients deserved when I started. It's a great thing I had patient clients that were willing to go on the journey with me. It took me many years of testing and trying out things before I was able to secure a line up of hair extensions products that DELIVER what they promise.

There are many hair extension systems, types of hair, and terminolgy used in the industry. I think everyone went and just started making up stuff and now the industry is a big ol' hot mess. Making sense of the chaos can be tricky process even for the seasoned professional.

That is why Hair Extension Geek exists. It's a one stop show where you can check in and educate yourself so you can have the hair you deserve. I am backed by a team of hand picked stylists from my salon, The Beauty Box Salon. In addition, I have access to leaders in the beauty industry as well as connections with most major hair extension companies.

My team and I believe in the empowerment and forward movement of the hair extension industry. There is too much junk and not enough substance being made right now. Everyone is trying to cash in and not a lot of people are really investing in the future of hair extensions.

My team and I intend to change that.

The site is designed to be a fun and educational comment on what is going on in hair extensions today.

Power to the WEAVE!

-Christopher Box

HEG TV Services

Hair Extension Geek otherwise known as HEG or is your one stop shop for info on hair extensions including blogs, videos, looks, celebrities, hair extension topics, salons, manufacturers and much more.

Info for Website Users, Salons, Manufacturers

We have 3 different levels of membership at HEG. Most people will just want to sign-up as website users so they can add comments and save their favorites videos and blogs to a hotlist.

Salon owners or office managers may want to join our website as Salon users. You get the chance to list your Salon's Information including name, address, city, zip a 150x180 logo picture and extended salon details. Even better you can classify your Salon into several topics where your Salon's info will show up. For instance, a Salon that sold Klix Hair could place their salon listing on the Klix Page.

We also have advanced user account upgrades for additional category placements and right side advertising options.

Hair Care Product Manufacturers or Brands can also join our website. We offer manufacturer pages similar to the Salon Pages where you can list your name, address, city, state, country, brand details, a small 150x180 brand / logo. In additional users can get account upgrades for category placements and advertising.

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